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Leadership Talks #6: Miriam Sundholm

Reflecting on Wellbeing and Career Growth with Miriam Sundholm, Founder of Aumla

Recently, I had the pleasure of catching up with Miriam, a former Accenture colleague who decided to start her own company, Aumla, where she helps organizations implement effective Wellbeing programs.

Our conversation, centered around intrinsic motivation and the critical reflection necessary when considering the next steps in one’s career. Here are some key takeaways to support you on your career journey:

🚀 Your drivers:  It’s essential to understand your core values and what drives you. These elements significantly impact your performance and satisfaction at work. Before making any career move, take a moment to reflect on what brings you joy and energy –  is it innovation, people, results or climate action? This self-awareness will guide you toward opportunities that resonate with you deeply.

🛑 Your pain points: It’s equally important to acknowledge any aspects of your current situation that feel stuck or cause discomfort. Are these elements within your power to change, thus improving your work environment? Or does it necessitate a more significant shift, possibly moving away from your current role or organization?

🍃 Your wellbeing: To not only be sustainable, but also to thrive in your career, it’s crucial to recognize what you require from your work environment. Consider the external factors that matter most to you—be it work flexibility, the nature of your interactions with co-workers, or the extent of travel involved. Identifying these can help you find a role that fits your needs and lifestyle!

What do you consider important when looking for your next career move?

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Leadership talk 4 – Johan Thyblad

Leadership Talks #4: Coffee & Chat ☕ with Johan Thyblad, who is wrapping up a distinguished 22 tenure as MD at Solita Sweden/Ferrologic. -stepping aside-

We had a chat about the art of stepping aside—a topic as crucial as the journey itself. Johan shared his insights on being a company founder, orchestrating growth, selling, and gracefully passing the torch to a successor.

  • Handing Over Without Hovering: The need to avoid interference with new leadership. We touched on the balance of facilitating a seamless transition while ensuring continuity.
  • Recruitment & Culture: Johan actively participated in his successor’s recruitment, underscoring the importance of cultural alignment. Also, on the role of a recruiter in the process.
  • Knowing When to Step Aside: We reflected on what prompted Johan to conclude his tenure. He shared the benefits of injecting fresh perspectives and the strategic value of bringing in a new helmsman.
  • Staying Relevant Post-Transition: We explored ways to staying involved post-transition without overshadowing and the importance of shaping a long-term plan for continued success.

Feel free to share your thoughts on leadership transitions below in the comments.

Johan Thyblad - Jan Jendeby

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Leadership Talks 3 – Louise Dyrendahl

Leadership Talks #3: Coffee & Chat ☕ with Louise Dyrendahl,  Partner, EY Consulting, Nordic Workforce Advisory

Great to connect with old friends/colleagues.

Some of the things we touched upon:

  • Re-skilling/up-skilling: with declining population in the developed world and continued market growth, talent is becoming scarce, re-allocation of the workforce and strategic workforce planning is more important than ever.
  • Future of work – When am I working? Where am I working? Like it or not; it will be hybrid work (where applicable) going forward.
  • Increasing responsibility on the board; especially with regards to Sustainability and directives to comply with (e.g. CSRD).

Louie Dyrendahl - Jan JendebyWhat are your thoughts?

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