JJ Leadership Talks #8: : Coffee & Chat with Johanna Kropp☕Consultant in Strategic HR & People matters with inclusion perspective

I recently had an inspiring conversation with Johanna Kropp, a consultant who helps organizations boost their business by harnessing the full potential of a talented, diverse workforce. Our discussion focused on the importance of inclusive and sustainable recruitment practices. Here are some key takeaways:

1. Cultural Add Over Cultural Fit  Johanna emphasized the significance of looking for ‘cultural add’ rather than ‘cultural fit’ in recruitment. While cultural fit focuses on similarity and comfort, cultural add brings in new perspectives and ideas, fostering innovation and growth.

2. Strategic Workforce planning is a foundation for future-proof recruitment As a leader, it is easy that we immediately want to “find a clone asap” when someone resigns from a key position. Ideally, we want to balance the immediate need to fill the position with the long-term business needs. A solid Strategic Workforce Plan helps us in identifying and balancing these needs, ensuring sustainable and future-proof hires.

3. Unique Perspectives and Contributions Johanna highlighted the importance of asking all candidates which unique perspectives or experiences they want or can bring to the company. This approach allows individuals to feel valued for their uniqueness (regardless if it’s visible or not) and helps the company to recognize and make value of unique perspectives right from the start. Win-win from both an individual and organisational perspective.

What are your thoughts on these recruitment strategies? Share your insights below, and let’s keep this conversation going!

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