Leadership talk 4 – Johan Thyblad

Leadership Talks #4: Coffee & Chat ☕ with Johan Thyblad, who is wrapping up a distinguished 22 tenure as MD at Solita Sweden/Ferrologic. -stepping aside-

We had a chat about the art of stepping aside—a topic as crucial as the journey itself. Johan shared his insights on being a company founder, orchestrating growth, selling, and gracefully passing the torch to a successor.

  • Handing Over Without Hovering: The need to avoid interference with new leadership. We touched on the balance of facilitating a seamless transition while ensuring continuity.
  • Recruitment & Culture: Johan actively participated in his successor’s recruitment, underscoring the importance of cultural alignment. Also, on the role of a recruiter in the process.
  • Knowing When to Step Aside: We reflected on what prompted Johan to conclude his tenure. He shared the benefits of injecting fresh perspectives and the strategic value of bringing in a new helmsman.
  • Staying Relevant Post-Transition: We explored ways to staying involved post-transition without overshadowing and the importance of shaping a long-term plan for continued success.

Feel free to share your thoughts on leadership transitions below in the comments.

Johan Thyblad - Jan Jendeby

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Jan Jendeby

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