Leadership Talks #5: Coffee & Chat with Helene Barnekow ☕

Leadership Talks #5: Coffee & Chat with Helene Barnekow ☕ Non-Executive Board Member, investor with passion for leadership

Today’s coffee conversation with Hélène Barnekow left me inspired and challenged in equal measure. Here are some key insights we discussed:

No, it’s not going to go back to normal – There is no normal to go back to. Hence leaders need to find their platform with their purpose.

Tech Curiosity – “Regardless of what business you are in, you are in tech.” We agreed that staying tech-curious is essential for all leaders, as technology continues to reshape industries.

Key leadership traits are courage and humility – Need courage for reasonably fast decisions in a very uncertain context. When things move fast: be humble and foster diverse teams. Be kind. 💖

Executive Search Dynamics – The demand on Executive Search Firms has never been greater. Understanding clients’ businesses, challenging norms, and embracing diverse perspectives are critical in this space.

Complexity of Board Work – Board literally set the agenda for strategy and direction. Boards must walk the talk and be forward leaning. Recruiting the right, diverse team to boards is more important than ever. (You might need and external partner 😊.)

Leadership is a journey of continuous learning and adaptation. What are your thoughts on these key leadership traits and challenges? Share your insights below, and let’s continue the conversation!

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Helene Barnekow

Helene Barnekow

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