Leadership Talks #7: Coffee & Chat with Petter Bohman ☕ Data & AI Lead at Accenture

Today’s conversation with Petter Bohman from Accenture was enlightening and thought-provoking, especially as we delved into the intersection of leadership and AI. Here are some key takeaways from our discussion:

Don’t Delegate the Revolution – We are in the midst of an unprecedented technological revolution, and no one knows where we will be in 12 months. Leaders and boards cannot rely on a single person to master AI. It requires a collective effort and understanding across all levels.

Universal AI and Data Competence – AI’s broad impact necessitates that everyone, not just specialists, develops competence in AI and data. This is a significant transformation, but essential for success.

Conceptual Understanding Over Technical Mastery – While it’s not necessary for everyone to understand AI at an algorithmic level, a conceptual grasp of AI’s workings and risks is crucial. Leaders should aim to understand how to work with AI and harness its potential.

Multidisciplinary Teams Are Crucial – Multidisciplinary teams have been a cornerstone of agile methodologies for years. With the advent of Generative AI (Gen AI), the importance of these teams is magnified.

Enterprise GPT as the First Step – RAG as the Second – Give your employees access to LLMs (Large Language Models) in a secure way. This is important since you otherwise risk having ungoverned use of public LLMs with your company data. The second step is to enrich an LLM with your internal company knowledge. This is usually done using the so-called RAG pattern, where you feed the LLM with sections of your knowledge base depending on the user’s questions. (RAG = Retrieval Augmented Generation)

Leadership in the era of AI requires continuous learning, adaptability, and a collaborative mindset. How do you embrace AI? Share your insights below, and let’s keep this conversation going!

PS The image is created by giving ChatGPT 4o mine and Petters LinkedIn-pictures and asking for a “coffe and chat image”. (First iteration)

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