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Right now, we are summing up the AIMS International eAGM, that has been going on with daily meetings and workshops during the last five days. We should all have been in Panama but…, well, you know…,

As always though – when something is not possible to go through with, other alternatives emerge.

We are used to virtual meetings in AIMS International. We have them all the time, but this has been our first global meeting online, welcoming partners from more than 50 countries to come together, develop, learn and socialize.

Our focus has been on our clients and on how to help them FIND&GROW their leaders and other key people. It is a strength to continuously develop our services, to share best practices and to get updated about news within AIMS International and about our different markets. One may think that only international clients can benefit from this but it is also beneficial for clients in our home markets to take advantage from our consultants being up to date with the latest news within Executive Search and Talent Management. We also had the great opportunity to meet with three new partners (more about that in a later post) besides interacting with all the existing, very experienced and nice colleagues from all over the world.

We want to send a big thank you to our board for all the work done and for leading us through the week!

International article about our eAGM.

eAGM AIMS International

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